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What is this?

It is text classification model, a Convolutional Neural Network has been trained on 1.4M Amazon reviews, belonging to 7 categories, to predict what the category of a product is based solely on its reviews. You can try it live above, type your own review for an hypothetical product and check the results, or pick a random review.

How does it work?

  • The characters of each review are one-hot encoded, and the review is represented as a matrix. This review is passed through 1D (or temporal) convolutions and pooling layers all the way to a classification step where the review is classified as one of the N categories

Source: Character-level Convolutional Networks for Text Classification

  • Check this video series that explains what convolutions are and how to apply them to Natural Language Processing:


  • You can find the code to train the same model to perform text classification with convolutional neural networks in this interactive notebook
  • Apache MXNet official website
  • Apache MXNet tutorials
  • Learning Deep Learning with Apache MXNet/Gluon through interactive notebooks/textbook: MXNet, The straight dope
  • Serve deep learning models through an HTTP API using MXNet Model Server and AWS Elastic Container Service
  • Earlier implementation of crepe using the Apache MXNet/Module API (github, demo, blog post)
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    Built by Thomas Delteil